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Albert Benjamin Simpson was born on December 15, 1843, to Scottish parents and became a revered Christian leader in American evangelicalism. He was a sought-after pastor and speaker, founding a major evangelical denomination. Simpson authored over 70 books, edited a weekly magazine for nearly four decades, and composed numerous gospel songs and poems, leaving a lasting impact on the world of faith and worship.
Albert Benjamin Simpson spent his early years in Prince Edward Island, Canada, where his father was a shipbuilder and trader. They later moved to Ontario to escape a financial downturn. At the age of fifteen, Simpson found faith in Christ and felt a divine calling to become a preacher of the Gospel.

Albert Simpson graduated from Knox College in Toronto in 1865 and became a pastor at Knox Church in Hamilton, a significant congregation. Later, he moved to the Chestnut Street Presbyterian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, seeking better health and a change from the harsh Canadian weather.

Albert Simpson came to understand that his weaknesses were a means through which God drew him closer to a profound love for Jesus Christ. He grew naturally dependent on God and cultivated a deep communion with the Savior.

According to his friend and colleague, William MacArthur, Simpson often said, “I am no good unless I can get alone with God.” Simpson’s practice was to quiet his spirit, cease thinking, and in the silence of his soul, listen for the ‘still small voice’ of God.

A.B. Simpson authored numerous books during his lifetime, covering a wide range of topics related to Christian faith, ministry, and mission work. Some of his notable books include:

  1. “The Gospel of Healing”
  2. “The Fourfold Gospel”
  3. “A Larger Christian Life”
  4. “Days of Heaven on Earth”
  5. “Wholly Sanctified”
  6. “The Holy Spirit”
  7. “The Christ of the Forty Days”
  8. “The Names of Jesus”
  9. “The Cross of Christ”
  10. “Walking in the Spirit”
  11. “In His Steps”
  12. “The Life of Prayer”
  13. “The Self-Life and the Christ-Life”
  14. “The Lord for the Body”
  15. “The Lord’s Supper”

These are just a selection of his works, and A.B. Simpson authored many more books and pamphlets during his lifetime, each contributing to his legacy in Christian ministry and theology.

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As Simpson’s spiritual journey deepened, he found himself increasingly compassionate toward those who had not yet found faith. An intense desire to evangelize began to drive him. In a biographical article about Simpson, Daniel Evearitt described him as a dynamic yet humble servant of God who inspired others to commit fully to God’s service and Kingdom. Simpson was known as a loving, caring, and patient man, leaving a lasting impression on those who knew him.

Paul Rader, who worked closely with Simpson, regarded him as the most powerful preacher, saying, “He was the greatest heart preacher I ever listened to. He preached from his own deep connection with God.”

During his time in Louisville, Simpson had a divine vision for a city-wide revival, and the impact was remarkable. The city experienced a profound transformation, with hundreds of people converting to Christianity. By the end of the campaign, a significant number had joined churches, leaving an indelible mark on the community. Simpson transformed into a mass evangelist, no longer tied to one church but serving all in need. In a private moment, he surrendered himself entirely to God, likening it to a possible literal death, marking a profound shift as he called it a “death to self,” shedding his old self and ego.

Following this pivotal moment, Simpson described his life as “consecrated, crucified, and Christ-devoted.” His divine calling to reach the unevangelized became an integral part of his existence.

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After pastoring the New York 13th Street Presbyterian Church, Simpson resigned in 1881 and started independent evangelistic meetings in New York City. A year later, the Gospel Tabernacle was built, and he began envisioning a missions organization. Simpson founded and led two evangelization societies, The Christian Alliance and The Evangelical Missionary Alliance, which later merged into The Christian and Missionary Alliance in 1897

Simpson served as pastor until 1918, always committed to reaching the hurting and unsaved. For three decades, he led the society he founded, emphasizing its purpose: “to hold up Jesus in His fullness, the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

Simpson aimed to foster fellowship over rigid organization within the Alliance. He envisioned it as a spiritual association of believers eager to experience the fullness of the Gospel’s blessing, all working together for the swift evangelization of the world.

On October 28, 1919, Simpson fell into a coma from which he never awoke. His last words were a prayer to God for the missionaries he had supported worldwide.

Throughout his life, Simpson remained dedicated to his Savior and to those spreading the gospel to a world in need. A.B. Simpson was truly a man of vision and unwavering faith.


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A.B. Simpson, or Albert Benjamin Simpson, was a prominent Christian leader known for founding The Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination. He was born in Canada in 1843 and started his career as a pastor. Simpson emphasized practical Christianity, divine healing, and missions in his writings and teachings. He authored numerous books and hymns, promoting the Gospel and Christian service.


Albert Benjamin Simpson


 Dec 15, 1843

October 29, 1919

 Dec 15, 1843

October 29, 1919

Albert Benjamin Simpson